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Household carpet is dirty? Jiahua teach you cleaning method

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Many parts of more extensive, the applicable scope of the carpet will be used, household carpet has become a modern household decorates indispensable elements, wool carpet also because it soft and fine, difficult to fade, the advantages of wear-resisting became widely selected household carpet type. Carpet although beautiful and practical, but how the carpet cleaning is also very complex.

Wah is to introduce a first, if we bought a new carpet must be clear as often as possible, every day with a vacuum cleaner to remove dust on the surface of the best, if wait for dusty and stains, etc. For a long time to clean up after you will have trouble. The carpet with a variety of stains is inevitable, wah introduce several kinds of cleaning the carpet stains of different methods.

If be stained with ?

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Tel: 086-515-82352930,82362930 Fax: 086-515-82365209
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